Welcome to "The Pinehill Ramblers" Site. This page was created to give one of us something to do and keep those who follow the Ramblers as up to date as we are about the happenings with the Ramblers. This page is a work in progress, kinda like our music. We hope you enjoy the page and we hope to see you at one of our shows!

Bluegrass your mom would be proud of!

Road Show Schedule :


Saturday, September 27th...... Haynes 4th Saturday Bluegrass Festival 'in the park'. The Ramblers will be one of several groups at this all day event. We are scheduled to take to the stage at 4 PM for a 45 minute show. Make plans now to attend. Bring your lawn chair and a hat.... heck, bring a date. Anyhow, we hope to see you in Leesville, SC on the 27th. For more information about the Haynes and the schedule for this event, please visit their website at www.haynesbluegrass.com

Booking Contacts

Carl Williams


Gary Joyner





Carl Williams     Guitar

Hugh Fanning    Banjo

Gary Joyner        Mandolin

Robert Templeton   Bass



We pause to remember the Ramblers of our past. Some people would say 'Rest in Peace'. We instead would simply say, "We miss you guys, and we look forward to meeting again in Heaven and getting inside THAT Bluegrass Band. 'til then, Bill Davis, Burt Sutcliffe, save a place for us.



What do we play? Well, we're glad you asked! Our song selection is kept to a simple selection: Traditional Bluegrass about hard life, sweethearts coming and sweethearts leaving, God's love for us and the simple life. You can find us playing in churches, festivals, restaurants and private partys. We do not accept offers to play where Jesus wouldn't be pleased to find us. We do not promote musical selections that promote immoral or unethical living. If you want to hear family friendly bluegrass in a clean and energetic presentation ...... then make one of our shows when we are in your area.




















Hey, what's this?


Visit YOUTUBE for video's of a few Rambler outings. Darn good bluegrass played by humble boys.